“Caesar”, 20″ x 20″, oils on canvas, 2020


C. Joy McCallister – Caesar

Caesar is a peacock that belongs to a friend and this particular peacock is something to behold. He very much epitomizes the pride and cockiness of the peacock – a very handsome, strong, and contented bird. Am pleased how the abstract realism works for his plumage. Painting his eye satisfied my occasional need for a bit of detail.

‘Dungeon’ Inktober52 – 2020



Recently I decided to challenge myself by doing Inkotber52 even though it’s already in week 39. Drawing is certainly not one of my strengths and this seems like a great way to encourage me to make more time for drawing. I’m really interested in looking back in October 2021 to see how much my drawing has improved by then.This is my week 39 drawing ‘Dungeon’.