Up Close with Nature

"Pond Lilies", acrylics on canvas, 20"x20" - 2021

There’s an abundance of healthy yellow Pond Lilies on South Portage Lake near Haliburton, Ontario. The forested hills all around the lake and the strong reflections in the waters of this small spring-fed lake can result in absolutely stunning sunrises and sunsets. The lilies in front of our cottage were my inspiration for painting Pond Lilies.

Bee-ing There
"Bee-ing There", alkyd oils on canvas, 10"x10" - 2021

Bee-ing There is from my garden where the bees are always in abundance and dancing on flower heads.

Queen Anne's Lace
"Queen Anne's Lace", acrylics on gallery canvas, 11"x14" - 2018

The early morning sun lights a cobweb attached to a Queen Anne’s Lace, an abundant wildflower with a delicate beauty. I wanted to capture the contrast between its simplicity and complexity as the early morning sun showcases the delicate side of its stalky and robust stem. To the spider, this sturdy wildflower is merely a convenient anchor to which it can attach its web. For we humans, the low morning sun glistening on the fine strands of a spider’s web offers a bit of morning gold.

"Burst of Fire", acrylics on gallery canvas, 12"x24" - 2020

My inspiration for “Burst of Fire” came from one of nature’s autumn displays we encountered on a walk down our cottage road. The sunlight came from the perfect angle to spotlight this awesome array of orange foliage and fading late summer wildflowers.

Early Autumn at the Lake
"Early Autumn at the Lake", acrylics on canvas, 8"x16" - 2021

My inspiration for “Early Autumn at the Lake” was a quiet moment on the deck at our cottage in Haliburton. We chose not to remove a young maple  sapling that had taken root very close to the deck. It rewards us with glorious colour every autumn.

"Tulipa", watercolour on canvas, 12"x6" - 2019 (Private Collection)

Canvas prepared with two coats of Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground, Titanium White. Design painted in watercolour and outlined with Faber-Castell  PITT artist pen, Dark Sepia 175. After 48 hours, Gamblin Cold Wax Medium applied with a clean soft rag, with second application 24 hours later. 12″ x 6″, watercolours on canvas, 2019

River Rocks Study
"River Rocks", watercolour on 300 lb paper, 5"x6" - 2018 (Private Collection)

In class with Karen Richardson, Lindsay Ontario. I left watercolours behind about 20 years ago and this piece signalled my return to watercolours. Watercolours on 300 lb watercolour paper, 2018

"Poppies", acrylics on canvas, 12"x6" - 2019 SOLD

I was inspired to paint “Poppies” in anticipation of seeing the poppies appear in my garden. We had a long winter in 2018-19 and when spring finally arrived, the warm weather held off until towards the end of May. Seeing the display of poppies from my front window is always a delight and something I always look forward to seeing. Painting these bright poppy blooms brightened up an otherwise dull day.