Tulipa” is a 12″x6″ watercolour on canvas. I prepared the gessoed canvas with Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground – Titanium White and was impressed at how smoothly it applied and how well it accepted the watercolour paint. The experience of painting watercolour on canvas was similar to painting on rough paper, but with a difference. The roughness of the canvas weave is symmetrical as opposed to the random roughness of rough watercolour paper. I enjoyed this experiment and will definitely try it again. Perhaps choosing a fine detail botanical was not an ideal choice but I think it worked out in the end. I used a sepia archival ink for the final details. I did struggle with a few bits of it. As it is watercolour, varnishing was not an option. I gave it several coats of Krylon UV Archival Satin Varnish and framed it with a simple gold metal frame.