Humans & Their World

Thanksgiving at the Cottage
"Thanksgiving at the Lake", alkyd oils on canvas, 14" x 11" - 2021

Thanksgiving is a traditional time for Ontario cottagers to close their cottage for the winter, or at least prepare it for winter visits. One last canoe ride is a great time for reflection on the past summer in anticipation of the next one.

"Totem", acrylics on canvas, 24"x18" - 2021

My impression of a moody day and an aging totem somewhere on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada.

Life is Grand C. Joy McCallister acrylics
"Life is Grand", acrylics on canvas, 8"x10" - 2018

PRIVATE COLLECTION – Three sisters at Haida Gwaii, an archipelago off the west coast of British Columbia. The colours of their jackets were strong but didn’t dominate and it was a beautiful ready-made palette. It remains one of my favourite paintings. Private collection of my sister’s family as they are her grandchildren.

Photo credit: The girls’ parents

VW Beetle
"Melody in Vienna", acrylics on canvas, 11"x14" - 2020

During our stay in Vienna in 1987 I was captivated by this wonderful VW Beetle parked outside a shop on a side street. The moment I saw it remains a vivid memory of our time in Austria. After all these years I thoroughly enjoyed painting My Melody as I recalled our days in Vienna and Salzburg.

"Boots", scratchboard, 8"x 10" - 2018

PRIVATE COLLECTION – “Boots” came from my initiation to the world of Scratchboard when I attended a workshop given by Lori Dunn through the Kawartha Arts Network

Until Tomorrow
"Until Tomorrow", oils on canvas, 16"x20" - 2019

Down at the wharf in Centreville on Digby Neck, Nova Scotia is a place I’ve visited since childhood. This painting took me back to my childhood and going down to the wharf with my father, brother, and grandfather just to see what was going on. The ready-made colour scheme attracted me. It’s at Trout Cove on the Bay of Fundy. The cove was named after the abundant Sea Trout that used to be in a salt water creek fed by the Bay of Fundy tides. A wharf of some kind has been here for over 220 years. Human activity led to the disappearance of the Sea Trout and now the creek barely flows inland at high tide. In the early 1900s Centreville’s large multi-pier wharf thrived with a fish processing plant for fresh, salt dried, and canned fish. Thomas Alfred Boutilier began the operation in 1896 and operated a few vessels to ferry all sorts of goods back and forth across the Bay of Fundy between Centreville and Saint John, New Brunswick. One of my ancestors, Captain Robert Chesley Graham, captained the S.S. Centreville out of this wharf.

"Punto", 2018, watercolour on 140 lb paper - 2019

PRIVATE COLLECTION –  owned by Punto’s “people”

"Off Leash", acrylics on masonite, 14"x 11" - 2018

With two strong subjects in this painting, I needed to find a way to gently balance them against each other. I used my black and white English Springer Spaniel “Belle” as the dog model. Even though I chose not to paint her black and white, she still took over the painting. To create the tension I needed between these two strong subjects, I decided to have one of the girl’s feet turned over to give her more presence.

"Louise", acrylics on canvas, 14"x 11" - 2018 SOLD

Alma ‘Louise’ Stevens 1943-2015 – Louise owned a pair of red pants but had moved away from wearing colours other than black and navy blue. I wanted to capture her well known and self-acknowledged tendencies of control and restraint. However, I also wanted to capture the spirit who once wore red pants. In my reference photo, Louise of course was wearing navy blue pants and a tan hat. I decided it was time for her to return to colour but knew she must continue to show self-restraint. It became a cool contradiction to the red pants and hat. One of Louise’s sisters owns this painting.

"Tyson", watercolour on 140 lb paper, 8.5"x5" - 2019

PRIVATE COLLECTION – owned by Tyson’s “people”

"Walking with Parker", acrylics on gallery canvas, 11"x14" - 2017 SOLD

“Walking with Parker”, acrylics on canvas, 11″x14″ – 2017

Aloft Hot air balloons C. Joy McCallister acrylics
"Aloft", acrylics on canvas, 36"x 6" - 2016 SOLD

 This piece hung at our local library branch for many years and delighted many children. It sold quickly at an exhibit.

Deco Art Vases
"Art Deco Vases", acrylics on canvas, 18"x 24" - 2016 SOLD

“Art Deco Vases”, acrylics on canvas, 18″x24″ – 2016

"Worth the Wait", acrylics on masonite, 12"x16" - 2018

This dog has been down this road before and knows its patience will be rewarded.