C. Joy McCallister, Canadian artist

Artist’s Statement 2021

My art inspirations are a long-standing background in dance, a love of music and nature, and my maritime roots. I like to present either a sense of rhythm and movement or high impact with vibrant colours. It’s primarily about offering an intimate view of nature and having fun with my chosen subject. So much in our lives and nature is really just a dance of sorts, and so it is with painting. Connect with a brush as your dance partner, and it can bring about quite unexpected results.

Member: Kawartha Arts Network   Kawartha Art Gallery   Kawartha Lakes Arts Council

About Me-1

About Me

I’m a Nova Scotia born artist and live with my husband Chris in the village of Kirkfield in Ontario’s City of Kawartha Lakes. I began my art journey in 1995 with the decorative arts. After I retired from a career in course design, training administration, and instruction, I expanded my art horizons and experimented with many art forms. Alhough my art interests remain varied, my preference has evolved to  abstract realism imposed on intimate views of nature. Forcing myself outside my comfort zone never fails to instill renewed energy for my art.

Although primarily self-taught, I have taken a few art workshops to explore techniques and strengthen my skills. Two milestone courses at the Haliburton School of Art & Design continue to impact my art. In 2002, a 5-day Painting Wildlife course with Canadian artist David Alexander Risk greatly expanded my horizons and I realized I should take art further. David’s teachings remain a strong influence. In 2016, Robert Bateman’s 4-day Passions & Practices course expaned on David’s words of wisdom. The combined teachings of these two Canadian artists has been a powerful catalyst to take my art to a new level, and I’ve not looked back since.

As time permits I enjoy teaching the occasional beginner art workshop, some in support of community programs and fundraisers. It’s the beginners I enjoy teaching the most as they inspire me and can refresh my approach to my own art. I hope you enjoy viewing my work. Comments welcome