C. Joy McCallister, Canadian artist

Artist’s Statement 2020

The art of dance was prominent in my life from early on and so began my love for expression through rhythmn and movement. Painting came into my life in my mid-40s. Who I am as an artist and my inspiration comes from my love of dance, music, and nature. I’m drawn to create high impact art with vibrant colour. There seems to be an influence of movement and rhythmn in my artwork and I strive to remain loose. Alas, an innermost need for a little detail derives from my history with dance, and that detail often creeps into my artwork in some little spot. Art, whether dance or painting, is a release mechanism that brings calming quiet and inner peace. So much in our everyday life is a dance, and so it is with painting for me. I find if I allow my brush to be a dance partner, it can be fascinating to see what emerges.

Member Kawartha Arts Network

About Me-1

A Brief Bio

I’m a Nova Scotia born artist and live with my husband Chris in the village of Kirkfield in Ontario’s City of Kawartha Lakes. To discover my preferred art style and medium, I experimented with many art forms and media. Although my art interests remain varied, my preference remains for abstract realism imposed on intimate views of nature. Forcing myself outside my comfort zone gives me renewed energy for my art. Primarily self-taught through research and experimentation, I’ve taken a few art workshops to explore techniques and strengthen my skills.

Two milestone couses at the Haliburton School of Art & Design had a significant impact on my art. In 2002, a 5-day Painting Wildlife course with Canadian artist David Alexander Risk greatly expanded my horizons as I realized I should take art further. As life can go, career and home priorities left little time for serious art until retirement. In 2016, attending Robert Bateman’s 4-day Passions & Practices course refreshed my attitude and approach to art. The combined teachings of these two artists became a powerful catalyst to take my art to a new level, and I’ve not looked back since.

Following a career in adult education, training design, and project management, it was natural I would end up giving art instruction as time permits. I enjoy teaching beginners most of all so give the occasional beginner acrylics workshop, some of which have been in support of community programs and fundraisers. I hope you enjoy viewing my work. Comments welcome